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Privacy Policy

The website https://www.cesar-conference.org is committed to respecting the regulations concerning the management of its visitors' personal data. Our resources being limited, it is possible that we make mistakes. Do not hesitate to report any problem to us through one of the means provided on the contacts page.

Data collection and protection policy

Within the limits required for the operation of the website and our means, the website https://www.cesar-conference.org strives to collect a minimum of personal information, to anonymize it as far as possible, and to protect it as far as possible. Communication with our servers takes place via HTTPS. However, the website https://www.cesar-conference.org uses third-party services to provide additional functionality.

Data transmitted to our servers

To the best of our knowledge and potentially except for the third-party services used, no personal data is transmitted by the website https://www.cesar-conference.org to our servers. For audience measurement purposes, information about the pages visited and the means used to visit these pages is sent to a specific instance of Matomo. This instance is configured to respect your privacy, in particular all cookies are disabled for this use and only the 2 most significant bytes of the IP address are kept. However, concerning the information provided by the authors for the submission of a paper to C&ESAR (in particular through the website https://easychair.org/), it is implicitly considered that the authors give their authorization to the organizing committee of C&ESAR to use these data to promote the conference, ensure the smooth running of the conference, and ensure the dissemination of the conference proceedings.

Data collected and processed locally (no transmission to our servers)

Some personal data (such as website configuration choices) can be collected and used locally (in your internet browser) without transmission to our servers.

To our knowledge and potentially except for the third-party services used, no personal data is collected and used locally.

Third party services used

The website https://www.cesar-conference.org uses the following third-party services:

  • Pure for displaying pages. This service is not supposed to collect personal data.

Rights of access, modification, deletion and opposition

In accordance with the regulations relating to the protection of personal data, anyone may obtain communication and, if necessary, rectification, deletion or opposition of its personal data collected by the website. You can exercise these rights in several ways: through one of the means provided on the contacts page; or via the publisher of this website whose contact information is provided in the legal notice page.

Any request to exercise rights must be accompanied by a photocopy of proof of identity.