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Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

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Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI), most notably in machine learning, promise to revolutionize a wide variety of application domains. Cybersecurity in its broadest sense (software, hardware, networks …) already takes advantage of these advances in the conception or analysis phase, or for the defense of deployed systems.

These intelligent systems can be targeted by new classes of attacks designed to deceive them or influence their behavior. One can cite Tay, Microsoft’s chatbot, as an example.

Furthermore, the lack of approaches to analyze most AI or explain their decisions introduces a risk to systems that integrate them and may hinder their adoption.

The C&ESAR 2018 conference proposes to address both parts: the contributions of AI to cybersecurity, and the cybersecurity risks associated with AIs.

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About C&ESAR

Every year since 1997, the French Ministry of Defence has organized a cybersecurity event to bring together governmental, industrial, and academic stakeholders. This event is both educational and scientific, gathering experts, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in order to explore an important topic within the field of cybersecurity. The chosen themes are covered from both a theoretical and practical perspective, with a strong emphasis on educational approach in order to help information security professionals with different backgrounds share a common understanding of complex issues. This inter-disciplinary approach within the cybersecurity profession allows operational practitioners to learn about and anticipate future technological inflexion points, and for industry and academia to confront research and product development to operational realities of the field.


C&ESAR conference will open the European Cyber Week at Rennes
Centre des Congrès – Couvent des Jacobins