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Data protection facing cyber threats

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Data processed in information systems are profoundly disrupted by the emergence of cyberspace. They are dematerialized and hosted in virtualized cloud architectures. Flows increase will continue with the 5th generation of telecommunications technology and the proliferation of connected objects. Ubiquity reaches both users (multiplicity of identities) and equipment (diversity of service flows). Big Data can produce enriched and sometimes sensitive data from supposedly neutral data. These evolutions have to face the multidimensional explosion of cyber-threats. Attackers, increasingly numerous in organized structures, use widely accessible tools. The C&ESAR 2017 conference proposes to address data protection in this new landscape.


About C&ESAR

Every year since 1997, the French Ministry of Defence has organized a cybersecurity event to bring together governmental, industrial, and academic stakeholders. This event is both educational and scientific, gathering experts, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in order to explore an important topic within the field of cybersecurity. The chosen themes are covered from both a theoretical and practical perspective, with a strong emphasis on educational approach in order to help information security professionals with different backgrounds share a common understanding of complex issues. This inter-disciplinary approach within the cybersecurity profession allows operational practitioners to learn about and anticipate future technological inflexion points, and for industry and academia to confront research and product development to operational realities of the field.