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Virtualization and Cybersecurity

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As part of the European Cyber Week 2019 (ECW), C&ESAR conference addresses virtualization in information systems and exposure to cyber threat.

Virtualization is driven by dematerialization of data. Introduced gradually by the Cloud and then by the IoT (Internet of Things), virtualization is amplified by the development of Artificial Intelligence that allows new processing capabilities with the datalakes. Value-added information is now based on data with spatial and temporal materiality that is difficult to locate. To meet these challenges, services evolve and rely on data-centric security profiles.

The application frameworks are multiple. The future 5G will introduce network-level virtualization (SDN – Software Defined Network) and services (NFV – Network Functions Virtualization). Autonomous systems in transport already integrate virtualization into embedded systems with strong compartmentalization and exchange requirements.

Cyber threat also evolves in these new contexts. It is important to clarify whether these contexts do not advantageously offer new opportunities to attackers and to analyse ways to prevent against the risks involved.

C&ESAR conference proposes to analyse virtualization from the point of view of the protection and sharing of data, under cyber threat.

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Artificial Intelligence and Defense

Current advances in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Deep Learning, have led to significant breakthroughs in many civil applications. These applications are transposable to the world of defense. The recognition and identification detection algorithms used for visible imaging can be used in a broad electromagnetic spectrum (radar, infrared …). Failure prediction and predictive maintenance applications are directly applicable for maintaining the equipment in operational condition.

These AI-based systems rise new challenges, in particular to guarantee their qualification against decoying during the learning phase or for securing the data processing.

The first conference dedicated to Artificial Intelligence applied to Defense proposes to address these issues.

French Ministry of the Armed Forces organizes the conference, on the model of C&ESAR conference. It will take place in Rennes on November 21, as part of the European Cyber Week 2019 (ECW).

Call for Paper will be published soon

About C&ESAR

Every year since 1997, the French Ministry for Armed Forced has organized a cybersecurity event to bring together governmental, industrial, and academic stakeholders. This event is both educational and scientific, gathering experts, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in order to explore an important topic within the field of cybersecurity. The chosen themes are covered from both a theoretical and practical perspective, with a strong emphasis on educational approach in order to help information security professionals with different backgrounds share a common understanding of complex issues. This inter-disciplinary approach within the cybersecurity profession allows operational practitioners to learn about and anticipate future technological inflexion points, and for industry and academia to confront research and product development to operational realities of the field.

C&ESAR conference will occur during the European Cyber Week at Rennes
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